Wattpad harem lemon

magnificent idea and duly Brilliant phrase and..

Wattpad harem lemon

I believe that women are special and should be treated kindly with respect. Also I don't own the rights to these characters who are owned by Marvel and Disney. AlL characters are 18 or over even if they aren't in their source material.

I am also looking for a beta reader for this story. If you are interested pm me. Thanos had just collected all of the Infinity Stones. He had just wrenched the Mind Stone out of Vision's forehead.

He so wanted to wipe out half the universe. But then it hit him. He could do anything he wanted just by snapping his fingers. Why should he wipe out half the universe? He could give the galaxy unlimited resources! But why stop there he could do whatever he wanted, and what he wanted the most in the universe was pussy.

Not just pussy but ultimate control of it. So Thanos teleported himself to his home world of Titan and snapped his fingers. Where there had once been a desolate planet there now was a small tropical island surrounded by a huge sea with a huge house on it, complete with anything Thanos would ever need.

With him standing in the bedroom. Thanos thought this was perfect but now all he needed was someone to fuck or preferably as many bitches as possible as he wanted to start a harem. Thanos then snapped his fingers. Wanda Maximoff was in morning.

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She had just lost the love of her life. She was lying on her bed in her room at the Wakandan Palace crying her eyes out. Visions is dead and one of these days I am going to kill Thanos she thought to herself. One second she was there the next she was standing in front of the one being in the universe she so desperately wanted to kill.

Wanda was furious. She tried to do some of her magic but found she couldn't move. He snapped her fingers and her clothes fell off her. She was speechless and he laughed and began to survey his first bitch. She had large tits a nice arse and a big bush of hair covering her cunt. Which he removed by snapping his fingers and found that her cunt was already wet. Thanos at this point had noticed the annoyance that the gauntlet was.

So for the final time he snapped his fingers and absorbed the power of the stones so he could just use verbal command or a thought to do whatever he wanted to and made the Gauntlet disappear.

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Thanos then said "let's get down to business" and willed his clothing to vanish revealing his huge erect cock to his bitch. Thanos then said "Right I would like a blowjob now whore". She then quite against her will found her lips closed around his cock. Her tongue started licking it with her head bobbling back and forth down the huge dick. She was there only 1 minute before his balls emptied and half a litre of cum blasted out of the cock into Wanda's mouth making her gag.Alright, before you start reading this, let me make something clear for you.

As frequent readers of my work might know, I have a tendency to take my writing very seriously. Yes, I know, I'm writing smut.

Not just smut, but smut fanfiction. But I still insist on taking it seriously because I'm of a mind that smut fanfics shouldn't be anymore looked down on than regular smut, and regular smut shouldn't be looked down on. So I put a lot of effort into making everything really dignified and what not.

Not always successfully I admit, but I try. But during the planning stage for this story, I realized that between it being a Sonic story, and it being about a nerdy character getting a harem, I'm in a position where trying to be dignified would actually make it even worse and cringey than just embracing its fanfic nature.

So you know what? Fuck it! Turn off your brains and enjoy, because lord knows I'll be turning mine off before I write each chapter! Tails opened his eyes with a soft yawn. He looked over at the girl in bed next to him, a small smile on his face as he looked over the plant girl's form. Cosmo had been back with him for over a month now, and he still couldn't get over how happy he was to have her back, nor could he keep his affections for her contained for more than a few hours at a time.

Thankfully, she didn't seem to mind; and in fact seemed to take an active enjoyment in it. He moved closer to her, waking her gently with a kiss. Cosmo woke slowly, beginning to return the kiss when she reached consciousness and realized what was happening.

They held the kiss for several moments, deepening it as Cosmo reached up, holding onto the two-tailed fox, who moved closer to her in response, putting him directly above her on the bed. Cosmo blushed lightly at this, but didn't ask him to stop.

It wasn't like they hadn't done it before, nor could she say she didn't like it as much as he did. His hands began to trail over Cosmo's body slowly, caressing her soft form.

Cosmo moaned softly into the kiss, and Tails moved back, kissing along her neck, then down to her chest, kissing gently on her admittedly small, but nonetheless beautiful breasts. Cosmo groaned as he lingered their, squirming slightly as her body began to wake even more from the stimulation, a familiar heat beginning to grow.

Being as close to her body as he was, Tails could feel it between her legs, grinning to himself as he continued to play with her body gently. He moved lower, continuing until his head was down between her legs.

Cosmo moaned soft and cutely at first as Tails' tongue moved along the outside of her smooth pussy, making it wetter as she grew more needy for his attention.

As Tails continued to hold back, Cosmo's body grew more desperate for more, and her soft moans began louder groans as she squirmed against him, unknowingly pushing her body closer to him for it.

Tails continued to only lick along the outside of her lips teasingly, wanting her to tell him what she wanted, wanting to hear her voice, hear her wanting him.

He moved his hands, getting a grip on her hips as his tongue pushed passed her lips and into her pussy, beginning to stir her inside now.

Cosmo moaned out louder, her hands moving down to hold onto his head as he went, eating her out aggressively. Tails was consistently delighted by the sweet, honey-like taste that Cosmo's juices always seemed to have to them. Cosmo groaned, her legs moving around his neck, locking like that to keep his head in place against her pussy.Author's Note: This story is written just for fun, and for that reason the focus will be on lemons.

A plot seemed to form in my head the more I wrote, so we'll see how that turns out. Harry and some of the other characters will probably go a bit out-of-character because I'm driving this story where I want it to go. I do have a plan for what I want to unfold, but I'm wide open to feedback and critiques. So please, favorite, follow, and comment! Important: There are sexual situations and heavy use of inappropriate language in this story.

If you are offended by these things or made uncomfortable by them, please do not read this story! Continue reading only if you are comfortable with content suitable for mature teens and older.

You have been warned! It was a late Saturday evening in the Gryffindor common room when Harry Potter discovered something that would change the course of his school year. Hermione had gone to bed earlier, and Ron had just said farewell for the night. Harry had resolved to finish his homework before Sunday, and he pressed on. He was flipping the pages of his potions textbook mindlessly, hoping half-heartedly to find some information on the uses of powdered unicorn horn in sleeping draughts, for a lovely essay Professor Slughorn had assigned.

He was fairly tired, and in danger of falling asleep and out of his chair, when his eye caught something on the page. It was one of the many notes from his seeming guardian angel, the Half-blood Prince.

Harry frowned as his eyes read the message, scribbled quickly in dark ink. Of course, you could use three and two-thirds grams of powdered unicorn horn in a sleeping potion for regenerative, dreamless sleep, but if you had access to unicorn horn you would be much better served selling it or making an aphrodisiac.

Harry reread the last part. An aphrodisiac? Like a love potion? He felt his ears prickle, like his body was reacting to what he had read. A love potion Much more than the uses of unicorn horn in sleeping draughts, anyway.

wattpad harem lemon

Figuring he could afford to waste some time, Harry idly found scanned the table of contents, searching for a love potion. He was surprised to find that the book had a potion of attraction listed. He flipped to it and read:. Barnabus Constantine, a medieval alchemist and prolific translator of Latin texts, devised the now famous Potion of Attraction. The potion requires rare ingredients and careful preparation, but brewed correctly, can imbue the consumer with minor aphrodisiac qualities.

Properly brewed, the potion will make the drinker more charismatic and appear more intelligent. Most famously, the drinker will become slightly more attractive to the opposite sex. However, the mildness of the potion begets it more to a politician at a party than a man with a mind for romance.I don't own these characters they are owned by there rightful. A red scarfed child who found salvation his headmaster of Beacon after the lost of his master A blonde dark magic wanderer who was simply know as the Grim Reaper And A blue haired haired orphan who found survived his companions after the lost of their village And Unlikely of Team but together They prove to be.

Today was a day to celebrate. Kindle Cloud Reader is not currently available on this browser. Rwby x shy reader. Ex bully rwby x male reader Ex bully rwby x male reader. The Ronin male reader x rwby harem discon Heartbroken male reader wattpad Heartbroken male reader wattpad. This is an x-reader I wrote.

Miya Atsumu X Reader Lemon Wattpad

Ch3 - The Silver Eyed Prince. There are some schools out there who have kids with incredible powers, Wether they. The silver eyed King on Wattpad it's pretty good, with a couple of lemons. Rwby x abused reader wattpad Rwby x abused reader wattpad. Dying male reader x rwby wattpad. A depressed teen who knows the reason that his older brother is dead saving his life.

Rwby x male reader curse of death K 2. Rwby yandere fanfiction. Article from wattpad. You thought that your 'family' will cherish you, but you're wrong.

wattpad harem lemon

Female crush x depressed female reader Female crush x depressed female reader. You had just gotten home from drinking and eating with the gang.

Descubre y guarda tus propios Pines en Pinterest. Neo, themed after Neapolitan ice cream, has the appropriate trio of colors in her hair and on her outfit. You didn't think anything could ruin your chance at the perfect heist.

Discover and save! Rwby x shy reader wattpad. The sadness is just seeping in. It was a boring day for you as you sat in your living room fiddling with your phone just looking at comics and art before you hear a knock on your door.Kuroo X Reader Lemon. Yandere haikyuu x reader lemon Yandere haikyuu x reader lemon.

Rwby Harem X Depressed Male Reader Wattpad

Oikawa X Reader Jealous. AU It was the utter dead of night. He is a second year setter at Inarizaki High School. Your Miraculous Match developer is named and offered to you. Yandere Haikyuu X Reader Tumblr. Atsumu miya. Until one day, she disappeared after her team won in the national tournament during her second year at Kitagawa Daiichi.

He's super popular. The Internets want to talk about this game with you. Reddit gives you the best of the internet in one place.

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Read pHoooottoooosssss from the story girlfriend for hire atsumu miya x reader by dinopudding h a r u k i c h a n. Character Cards. Avengers X Shy!

Explore tobiosmilktea Tumblr blog with no restrictions, modern design and the best experience - not in love, not even in like! Haikyuu x tall male reader Haikyuu x tall male reader.

Cancel Anytime. Browse through and read or take miya atsumu x reader stories, quizzes, and other creations. Atsumu Miya. Welcome back to Instagram. Read writing from Atsumu TV on Medium. See more ideas about Art, Drawings, Sketches.


Voice Actor: Miyano Mamoru. Aug 6, - Satu rumah sama si kembar? Kelar hidup lo! Kalo kita satu rumah? Kita bisa ketemu setiap hari dong?New story idea I'm trying out.

Hope you all enjoy.

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A lot of the ideas were his and you should go and read his story once he gets he's started. It had been a little under a year after the giant war had ended and percy was walking through the woods of camp half blood. He usually came back here when he was with Annabeth so they could have sex but they broke up a while ago.

Now percy just wondered around the woods looking for some monster to fight. Instead he found himself in a open clearing in front of the 3 fates. The first one spoke up, "Perseus Jackson, after a long debate we decided to bestow upon you great gifts.

Percy thought for a bit before he spoke. But before I accept can you tell me what the first gift I will receive is? The 3 fates thought for a bit and huddled together and whispered while percy waited for there decision.

wattpad harem lemon

The others we will explain when they develop if needed. So we decided the first gift should be one you could enjoy. The third fate continued to speak, "whenever you ejaculate in a females vaginia they will gain a tatoo on there spine right above there asses.

More accurately there body will. Not always the mind. But the body will do the task no matter what. But if you ask the female to go and get you something they will go grab it but will verbally complain. Become a blank slate that just takes orders. Saying 'loqui' will give them back there personalitys. Let them think for themselves again. And then I control them?

Sounds like fun. Will it work on any female? Even gods?After nursing the cat back to health, one night at the age of 12 something broke in his house and killed his parents in cold blood. Just when he was about to be killed, the cat turned into a busty woman with cat ears two tails wearing a black kimono saved him. She explained to him all about the supernatural and that she was being hunted by devils because she killed her master….

The Greeks have always been one of the stronger mythologies within the world of DxD yet they've always been put to the side by the 3 factions that were until a mysterious boy was born or rather created, a boy that would forever make Olympus feared to all. Crossover Harem x Bullied Male Reader! He can't be anything in life. He's heard that far too many in Union Academy from his peers, especially the ones who had powers and used them to bully others.

Disclaimer:I do not own anything in this book. I just own the book. Especially when all the other residents are Female? Also I do not own any pictures, videos, media, etc.

wattpad harem lemon

I only own the characters and story and plot. Someone has to do the financial work in an empire. You now have the Mantle of Captain America and…. As more and more female servants are summoned, Ryan's self control is beginning to fade. It also doesn't help that his servants are demanding more mana transfers to better prepare for upcoming battles. Now the master of Chaldea has no choice, but to pleasure his servants.

All of the art that I use in this book belongs to their respective creators. I only own my OC characters. I would also like to point out that…. I envy Shirou becoming a Hero of Justice. A Goddess sent me too that universe by my wish and grant me a servant even power I swear I'll save them no matter what!


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